Flooring Calculator PRO for Android

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Flooring Calculator for Android is released and available in Android Market.
Name: Flooring Calculator PRO
Category: Tools
Price: FREE
Requires: Android 2.1+
Website: https://market.android.com/details?id=org.develements.flooringcalculator

How to get Flooring Calculator PRO

Description of Flooring Calculator PRO:

Flooring Calculator PRO is a cell phone application that is available on the Android platform that will easily and quickly determine all the costs associated with installing new floors in your home or office. With an array of configurable options to estimate the price of installing new floors, this app will help figure if a contractor is over estimating the price of an installation.

If you are installing new floors on your own, Flooring Calculator PRO will allow you the chance to work from a budget before actually having to visit a hardware or carpeting store.

Flooring Calculator PRO has four simple screens to get an accurate estimate of the cost of installing new flooring:

  • Floor Size: Add and configure the dimensions of up to ten rooms that need reflooring.
  • Material: Choose the type of floor and molding being installed, if old flooring needs to be removed, the amount of waste estimated, and apply sales tax when necessary.
  • Settings: Set the prices for each type of flooring for both installation and removal per square foot. Also allows the price to be set for molding types per foot.
  • Results: Displays the statistics and total cost with the installation and removal of flooring.

Flooring Calculator PRO screenshots:

Flooring Calculator LogoFlooring Calculator Main ScreenFlooring Calculator Parameters Screen

Flooring Calculator PRO Features

  • Room Sizes – Add the length and width of up to ten rooms in your home. A feature that will be coming soon is an option to use either metric or imperial calculations, which will allow you to measure with feet and inches or meters and centimeters depending on your preferences.
  • Material – Flooring Calculator PRO has six built in flooring types: hardwood, carpet, laminate, tile and vinyl. Since the prices of these flooring types vary, you can customize the cost of each of these materials independently via the program's Settings tab.
  • Remove Old Flooring – If your project requires the removal of installed flooring, you can calculate the cost of the uninstallation as well. Like the configurable materials cost, the cost of flooring removal is editable through the Settings tab.
  • Molding – Switching the molding option to "Yes" will have Flooring Calculator PRO calculate the cost of installing molding into the final cost. Two types of molding are currently available, bamboo and hardwood.
  • Waste Factor – This app will determine the cost of unused -or wasted- materials determined by an estimated percentage and apply the cost of waste to the total cost of the new flooring installation.
  • Sales Tax – If your state has sales tax, simply enter the percentage and the tax will be calculated for you.

Flooring Calculator PRO Results:

Based on your configurations, Flooring Calculator PRO's results screen with supply you with a summary of important information regarding the installation of your new floors. This data is comprised of the total square footage of the installed floors, the amount of waste that will be produced, the total amount of material required, the length molding required based on the perimeter of the rooms, and the total cost of the project.

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